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In 2017, Pro-Cut was founded in Locust Grove by a local business owner that had great success as a start up company. As time went along Pro-Cut was Bought out in 2020 by Chris Bostwick, who owned EverCut previously. Pro-Cut and EverCut merged into one entity in 2020 to relaunch Pro-Cut to become what we are now. Pro-Cut now Employs 6-8 local residents of Henry and surrounding counties. Let Pro-Cut handle all your Landscaping and Hardscaping needs. 

a message from the owner

Greetings to all, 

I am very thankful you are reading this, it means more than you would imagine. 


The support and patronage we receive from our community is second to none, and for that I am thankful and blessed. Years ago when I bought this business as a young entrepreneur, I was terrified of how this would play out in the years to come, now when I reflect on the progress made I know it wouldn't be possible without the community's support and the loyalty of my employees.


 Again, Thank you all! 

Christopher Bostwick

Owner of Pro-Cut

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